Sunday, 16 December 2012

3d street art

Smile Fish

This squid has always got a smile on its face! The skin pigmentation of this little deep-water squid gives it a huge grin, while the tentacles seem to form a mass of curly 'hair', combining to give it an almost cartoon appearance. The Piglet squid, Helicocranchia pfefferi, is roughly the size of a small avocado, and is common in the deep water of virtually all oceans, living at depths of around 100m/320ft.

Its common name comes from its habit of filling up with water and the unique location of its Syphon, with a wild-looking tuft of eight arms and two tentacles. Its body is almost totally clear so that it reveals the dark-coloured internal organs. The piglet squid is a sluggish swimmer with ammonium ions in its body fluid that helps keep it Bouyant. A large light-producing organ (photophore) is located beneath each of its large eyes.
The Cabrillo Marine Aquarium collected this specimen.


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

LIT Motors C1

LIT Motors C1, an enclosed two-wheeler that combines the flexibility and fuel efficiency of an electric motorcycle whit the safety, comfort and storage space of a small automobile. James says a company like (electric car manufacturer) Tesla has done amazing things to make the alternatively powered vehicle sexy, but what we're making might fit into more people's lives." 

He cites not only studies that indicate that more than half of daily commuters drive alone, but also notes that increasing congestion and parking issues could be mitigated by C1 ownership. Because the machine would be classified by the U.S. Department of Transportation as a motorcycle it qualifies for lane-splitting, carpool lanes and motorcycle parking areas.

Sitting inside the C1, you're immediately struck by the airy feeling inside what could be a claustrophobic cocoon, due to the myriad transparent panels overhead and the considerable elbow room inside. The C1 operates much like a car, with a steering wheel that works in concert with the two gyroscopes sitting beneath the driver. Turn in either direction and the C1 knows to slightly lean the machine over in that direction to facilitate the turn. "It's not like riding a motorcycle, where you the rider has to lean," says Kim. "It's more like piloting a fighter jet, where you turn and the plane banks."


Thursday, 6 December 2012

Hot air balloons,Cappadocia,Turkey

Farmer Style (Gangnam Style Parody)

"Gangnam Style" is a Korean neologism that refers to Gangnam district of Seoul, 'Psy' is an unusual South Korean K-pop singer who has become famous, since his video "Gangnam Style"  has been viewed over 895 million times on YouTube. but this video is parody of Gangnam Style, that call Farmer Style.


Tuesday, 4 December 2012



Bamboo Forest in Kyoto, Japan

Incredible bamboo forest of Kyoto, Japan
In japan, some houses built from Bamboo. They have stood up under enormous 9.0 earthquakes. Bamboo forests are growing as an available resource in the world. Some kind of Bamboo can grow four feet in 24 hours.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

World First Flying Hotel

Since 2004, the double deck Airbus A380 has set new high standards for luxury air private jet, by providing four floors with lift and 18 luxuriously-appointed room hotels.

The Hotelicopter has been processing for 5 years.“world’s biggest helicopter” or “world’s first flying hotel It’s a luxury air travel, with spa treatments, yoga classes, gaming and a tea garden.

Length: 42 m (137 ft), Height: 14m (45 ft), Maximum Takeoff Weight: 105850 kg (232,870 lb), Maximum speed: 255 km/h (137 kt) (158 miles/h), Cruising speed: 237 km/h (127 kt) (147 miles/h), Original Mi Range: 515 km (320 mi), Our augmented Mi Range – 1,030 km (640 mi).