Saturday, 1 December 2012

World First Flying Hotel

Since 2004, the double deck Airbus A380 has set new high standards for luxury air private jet, by providing four floors with lift and 18 luxuriously-appointed room hotels.

The Hotelicopter has been processing for 5 years.“world’s biggest helicopter” or “world’s first flying hotel It’s a luxury air travel, with spa treatments, yoga classes, gaming and a tea garden.

Length: 42 m (137 ft), Height: 14m (45 ft), Maximum Takeoff Weight: 105850 kg (232,870 lb), Maximum speed: 255 km/h (137 kt) (158 miles/h), Cruising speed: 237 km/h (127 kt) (147 miles/h), Original Mi Range: 515 km (320 mi), Our augmented Mi Range – 1,030 km (640 mi).

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